“I found the staff very comforting and professional! Loved the results!” - Donna L. 

  “I was skeptical but decided to give it a try and, it worked! The owners are knowledgeable and very kind. Great atmosphere!”   — Becky S.

“I lost 24 inches, most around my waist, in 9 sessions! I am a believer!” - Jennifer M.

“Love this treatment! Great add on to my healthy regime. I workout, eat a clean whole food plant based diet and drink a lot of water but sometimes that extra layer of fat is stubborn! LipoMelt helps with that! First visit and I lost inches!! What!?! Love this studio and the staff too!!” - Michelle M.

“I lost 6 inches at the first visit! Lost 13 inches over the course of 6 treatments. Great atmosphere and kind, supportive staff.” - Linda S.

“Just needed to lose a few inches to get into my wedding dress, and it worked!” - Mary L.